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What’s Christianity All About? Its Scriptures, HIstory, Beliefs and Practices

by Tony Kafka on June 19th, 2013

What's Christianity All About?Publisher Description

A primer on Christianity—its scriptures, history, beliefs, practices and what distinguishes it from other religions—and some helpful guidelines for Christian living in today’s world.

What’s Christianity All About? is a curriculum course with a 250-page book, a DVD with interpretative comments on each of the book’s 10 chapters, and a 24-page discussion guide. It can be used on Sunday mornings, as a midweek Bible study and for new member classes and small groups.

Book Chapters & Content

  1. The Story and Message of the Bible
    The OT, NT and the Apocrypha; the Theme and Message of the Bible; the Formation and Translations of the Bible; Revelation, Inspiration and Authority; Reading the Bible; Six Popular Versions/Translations.
  2. The Hebrew Scriptures
    The Pentateuch; the Prologue; Abraham; Moses; the Rise and Fall of Israel; the Voice and Message of the Prophets; the Wisdom and Devotional Literature; Judaism and Christianity.
  3. The World, Life and Ministry of Jesus
    The Intertestamental Period; the House of Herod; the First-century World of Jesus; Jesus’ Birth, Ministry, Baptism, Disciples, Mission, Death and Resurrection; the Names and Titles of Jesus.
  4. The Gospel Testimonies to Jesus
    The Gospels: Then and Now; the Four Canonical Gospels; the Historical Jesus; the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; the Gospels: Four Stories, One Jesus
  5. Paul and The Outward Movement
    The Early Church; Paul’s Life, Writings and Theology; Galatians; Romans; the Corinthian Correspondence; the Prison and Pastoral Letters; Hebrews and the General Letters; the Book of Revelation.
  6. A Brief History of Christianity
    The Patristic Period; the Papacy and the Middle Ages; the Fourfold Protestant Reformation; the Catholic Counter-Reformation; the Enlightenment; Christian Missions to all the World; Christianity in America.
  7. Christian Theology and Beliefs
    Christian Theism; God: All-mighty and All-loving; the Creation of the Universe and Life; Sin: the Human Predicament; Jesus: Lord and Savior; the Holy Spirit; The Church: Marks, Sacraments and Polity; The End Times.
  8. Other Religions and Beliefs
    Hinduism and Buddhism; Other Eastern Religions; Islam; Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Other New Religious Movements; Scientology and Other Non-Christian Sects; the New Age Movement.
  9. Prayer, Study, Service and Evangelism
    Growing in Christ Through Prayer, Study and Service; the Seven Deadly Sins; Christian Apologetics; the Message and Mechanics of Evangelism; Pascal’s Wager.
  10. Biblical Guidelines for Christian Living
    The Christian Worldview; the Ten Commandments; the Beatitudes and Sermon on the Mount; Four of Jesus’ Parables; Jesus’ Seven “I am” Sayings; Developing “Habits of Godly Living”.
  11. Epilogue (What Christianity Is and Is Not by John Stott)

About the Authors

John Schwarz, the author of the book, is a theologically trained layman who has a passion for equipping Christians to know and live their faith.

Pastor Joel Quie is the host and writer for the ten video vignettes. Joel is pastor of Prairie Lutheran Church in Eden Prairie Minnesota, a large congregation that has grown substantially under his leadership.

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