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Storm 01: Questions About God (by Kyle Idleman)

by Tony Kafka on June 18th, 2013

stormPublisher Description

Questions About God explores:

  • Where does God come from?
  • Why doesn’t God just reveal himself?
  • Is God all-knowing?
  • Do I have free will?
  • How can I know God’s will for me?
  • Is anything too hard for God?

There are few things as frightening as being caught in a STORM with no shelter from the elements and feleing like you are the lightning rod. That is exactly how many of us feel when boldly discussing our Christian faith, we are faced with a sudden downpour of those inevitable tough questions.

STORM is a tool designed exactly for those situations. Teaching Pastor Kyle Idleman (host of H2O: A Journey of Faith) addresses from a solid biblical foundation 10 tough questions that arise as people explore the Christian faith.

Filmed in a small group setting, STORM is perfect for individual study, small group studies, or supplementing evangelism programs like H2O.

About the Author

Kyle Idleman is part of the preaching team at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY. Reaching people for Christ is what matters most in his life.

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