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Kingdom of Heaven Lesson #2

by StoneBridge on October 6th, 2017

“The Kingdom of Heaven”

Parable of the Mustard Seed 

Matthew 13:31-32

(October 8-14, 2017)

            In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, Duncan, the King of Scotland, is a good, considerate and kind King. He sees potential in Macbeth and tells him, “I have begun to plant thee, and will labor to make thee full of growing.” The good King Duncan commits to personally labor so Macbeth can grow and succeed. Has someone in your life “planted” you and helped you grow as a Christ follower? Are you planting seeds of faith?

Answer and discuss the following question with your group.

  1. Are you a “plant person” with a green thumb, or are plastic plants safer in your home?

Read the following excerpt out loud or watch message segment #1. 

An excerpt from the StoneBridge message, “Kingdom of Heaven”.

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Yes, Jesus spoke to big crowds at time, but most of the time it was with just one person. One blind guy. One woman who could not get well. One tax collector named Zacchaeus. One little kid with a lunch. One rich young ruler. Yes, sometimes Jesus spoke to large crowds, he has some intense moments in the temple courts. But mostly Jesus met people. A woman at a well. A short guy in a tree. A time in a garden with his friends.  One seed planted at a time. The big thing for Jesus was not the crowd, but the person.

Where we would tend to say, “bigger is better, crowds are awesome,” the kingdom really spreads one seed at a time. Don’t forget the power of the small. I love the fact that we have lots of people attending our services, but I have a feeling that Jesus says, “That does not impress me. What impresses me is that one kid gets sponsored, that one person gets baptized, that one marriage gets restored, that one person finds sobriety, that one mom finds courage.”

Read Matthew 13:31-32 and answer/discuss the following questions.

  1. What do you think the seed and the soil in the parable each represent? Describe what the man in the parable does with the mustard seed.
  2. What does Jesus say the mustard seed will do when planted in the garden? How is planting a seed in a garden like sharing the gospel?
  1. What does the nature of a mustard seed teach us about the power of sharing the gospel with one person, serving one person or one family in need, or “small” acts of Kingdom work?

Read the following excerpt out loud or watch message segment #2.

An excerpt from the StoneBridge message, “Kingdom of Heaven”.

Watch Online

In the book of Acts, in the first chapter it tells us that after the death of Jesus and after he had come back from the dead there were only 120 people who believed. What? Only 120? Jesus was walking around after he had died and people were still not convinced. But that was it, 120. My guess is that they looked around the room and thought, “This is not going to work. I know what Jesus said, but this is a group of folks that don’t have what it takes. We are a group of folks that never had what it takes to be great. We didn’t even believe that Jesus was coming back from the dead. We had our doubts.” But they decided to start planting little mustard seeds. And from that 120 seeds that they had that day, it has become the Christian Church that we know today.

Never be discouraged by a little group, a little gathering, a little beginning. That is how the kingdom of God works.

Read the verses noted below and answer/discuss the following questions.

  1. Based on the following passage, describe what is happening with the number of people becoming Christ followers.
  • Acts 1:15, Acts 2:41, Acts 4:4, Acts 6:7, Revelation 7:9-10
  1. In order for a seed to grow, it has to die and be buried. Explain how the mustard seed describes Jesus and the result of his death and resurrection. Based on the description of the birds and the nests in this parable, where is the home of a Christ follower?

Reflection and Wrap-up 

  1. How can the nature of a mustard seed, which spends much of its time underground, provide encouragement to us when we do not see the results of our ministry or the times we share the gospel?
  1. Where is your “garden” for sharing the gospel? Is there a specific person in your “garden,” or your circle of friends, family, neighbors or co-workers, that you can share the gospel with or help grow in faith?

Pray Together as a Group 

Additional Study

If you have time during your Small Group or you want to study more about the Kingdom of Heaven, read and consider the following passages:

  • Matthew 14:15-16
  • Matthew 3:2
  • Matthew 7:21
  • Matthew 10:7

For the printable PDF of this lesson, click the following link:

Kingdom of Heaven Lesson 2

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